The first affordable, oxygen supplying personal escape respirator

10-30 Minutes of
Oxygenated Air
to Escape Emergency Situations

Available Spring 2017
Just $99.00

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Learn how Oxxy/Gen™ saves lives

Basic Information

Working Time

10 Minutes Active

30 Minutes Stationary

Shelf Life

7 years


6” X 10” X 4”







Just $99.00

Available Spring 2017

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How It Works

Your exhaled carbon dioxide rich air turns into oxygen rich air!!

Based on a proven reaction, potassium superoxide reacts with carbon dioxide and moisture in exhaled breath.
Carbon dioxide is scrubbed and oxygen is released, allowing the user to rebreathe the exhaled air.


Discover how Oxxy/Gen™ compares to other products

Universal Environment

Gas Mask

Filter Hood

Provides Oxygen

Universal Environment

Clog Free

Light Weight

Q: Will a Gas Mask protect me if there is not enough oxygen in the air?
A: Gas Masks do not provide oxygen. If used in an environment with low oxygen levels, such as a fire, your are in danger of suffocation.

Source: CDC Website Click Here to read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone that can use an extra 10 to 30 minutes of breathable air in an emergency situation, especially in difficult to exit environments such as:

• High rise apartments, office buildings and dormitories

• Hotels and theatres

• Cruse ships, trains, and subways

• Hospitals and long-term care facilities

• Laboratories and manufacturing facilities

Oxxy/Gen™ is manufactured in the U.S. As Oxxy/Gen is a personal escape respirator Soteria places the priority on quality vs. lowest possible cost and manufactures the product to ISO 9001 quality standards.

The moisture in the users exhaled breath reacts with potassium superoxide resulting in the “scrubbing” of the carbon dioxide and the generation of oxygen, providing the user with oxygen-rich air to rebreathe.

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